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About Teachers2you

Our commitment is to provide quality academic coaching specialized to each students’ needs by qualified and experienced individuals from early learners to college-bound students. We strive to motivate students to become confident problem solvers and independent learners.

Teachers2You is a Southern Nevada based company that offers in-home academic coaching to all students in all subjects.

Teachers2You was founded by Brandy Tillmon a licensed Nevada Educator with 20+ years of experience working with school-age students. By witnessing the first-hand dilemmas and struggles that students face daily in academics and specifically with virtual learning, measures needed to be taken to ensure all students are getting the help they need.

We also provide our services to the Reno/Sparks community led by Sheena Harvey, serving an estimated population over 62,000 enrolled in the WCSD schools. Approximately 30% of this total is currently enrolled in full time distant learning.

Teachers2You was created to assist schools and families with their virtual learning programs to gain the academic skills to navigate to the next grade level successfully.

What makes Academic Coaching different from our competitors? We educate and support all students and their families by providing a whole-child approach to learning by bringing educated individuals to students seeking academic support in their homes or at a convenient location.

Due to the current pandemic, students are learning virtually, and families with working parents have added stress: their children are in danger of being left behind. Teachers2You provides Academic Coaching/Tutors to families so that no child is left behind and allows parents to concentrate on providing for their families. With proper support and encouragement, these children can learn problem-solving skills and negotiate their own success through self-empowerment.

Brandy Tillmon, CEO

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